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Virginia's Native American tribes and the governor's office renewed their peaceful friendship in Richmond Wednesday with the Tax Tribute Ceremony.
Attempts to clamp down on illegal cigarette trafficking by increasing penalties haven't been entirely successful, so Virginia officials are considering a new strategy.
The winter weather on top of Thanksgiving eve is a recipe for success for many pizza chains.
A day of heavy, wet snow means thousands are without power Wednesday night in the Shenandoah Valley.
Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring is still chipping away at campaign debt related to a recount last year after nearly a year in office
Shoppers are rushing to pick up ingredients for Thanksgiving recipes while they await the arrival of their holiday guests.
Virginia's largest electric company has told federal regulators that proposed federal regulations to cut carbon emissions from power plants are unfair to the state.
Gary Lee Shiflett was arrested Wednesday without incident at a home by Waynesboro police officers.
NFL "Together We Make Football" competition picked a Charlottesville woman from thousands of entries to document her lifelong battle with multiple sclerosis and her passion for youth football.
After the publication of a Rolling Stone magazine article highlighting "a culture of rape," at UVA, some wonder if the Greek system should exist at all.
Winter weather is making for a messy Thanksgiving getaway day, especially in the Shenandoah Valley, which has already accumulated a couple inches of snow.
The president of the Rutherford Institute is responding to UVA Board of Visitors' decision to enact what it calls a "zero-tolerance" policy to sexual assault on grounds. 
Health care providers in central Virginia are banding together to offer services for transgender patients.
The CATEC Center Board has decided to focus the 2015 school year curriculum around four institutes. Those institutes are medical, information technology, skilled trades, and retail management.
A federal lawsuit alleging deficient medical serves at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women has been settled.
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