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New research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine has shed light on how chronic stress and obesity may contribute to type 2 diabetes.
The General Assembly has passed a bill which creates the first ever standalone sex trafficking statute in Virginia. The bill will now go to the governor for review.
The General Assembly has passed bills to help protect children from online exploitation and to allow law enforcement to effectively investigate crimes involving child porn, exploitation, and human trafficking.
Discussions on whether to build a new courthouse in Augusta County have hit a roadblock. The county had petitioned for a vote on the decision this fall, but a judge has struck down the petition.
Due to ongoing repairs as the result of a power surge, all pools at Smith Aquatic & Fitness Center will remain closed through Sunday, March 1.
Residential customers of Appalachian Power in Virginia are seeing their monthly bills decrease by about 4 percent this month.
English ivy and golden bamboo are among the 90 new non-native invasive plants compiled by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.
Dominion plans to start surveying Nelson County properties for its proposed natural gas pipeline on Monday.
Known as geographic policing, the police department has divided up Charlottesville into a north, south, and central district. Officers will then be assigned to a specific part of the city.
The Albemarle County School Board is working with the county to find a solution to what is now about a $900,000 budget gap.
Virginia lawmakers have agreed to compensate victims who were involuntarily sterilized by state officials decades ago under a widely accepted program.
UVA associate professor Shane Davis won the 2015 Alfred Sloan Foundation Fellowship and now has $50,000 to put into his research on black holes.
The Austrian ambassador to the United States kicked off a day of discussions at the home of political analyst Larry Sabato.
Gov. Terry McAuliffe has signed into law a measure that allows the use of derivatives of the marijuana plant for treating severe epilepsy.
Protestors with the Living Wage Campaign held a rally at UVA asking for fair wages for the university's lowest paid employees.
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